Phone Betting
Call 1-800 TELBETS

The Operator will answer by asking for your account number and Pin # (for your protecton, do not reveal this Pin # to anyone). The operator will then verify your Pin # and provide you with your account balance.

The operator is then ready to accept your wagers.

Please respond in the following manner:
(1) Name of track.
(2) Race number.
(3) Amount of bet.
(4) Type of bet (win, daily double, exacta, etc.).
(5) Number designation of the horse.

After the operator has received your betting instructions, they will repeat the entire bet back to you. It is very important to listen to the operator as they read back your bet. At that time, you must either confirm your bet or make any corrections before it is entered into the system and your account is debited.

For your protection all telephone betting conversations are recorded and kept as a record in case any questions should arise.

The Tel Bets Center is open daily at 11:00 a.m. (EST)

How To Use Automated Touch Tone Wagering


Suffolk OTB’s Touch-Tone Wagering System is a fast and easy way to place your wagers directly into your existing Telephone Wagering Account.

You will need your ACCOUNT NUMBER and a PIN NUMBER to use Touch-Tone Wagering. You can get a PIN number by calling SOTB Customer Service at 631-853-1000.

Touch-Tone Wagering will prompt you through the wagering process. Then once you are familiar with it, you may enter your selections without waiting for the voice prompts. It is recommended that you allow yourself ample time to place your wagers (i.e. 10 min. to post) until you are familiar with the Automated System.

After you have entered your wager, you must listen carefully as your wager is read back to you. Once you accept the wager as it was read back to you, the system will confirm that it has been accepted.

• You are responsible for all transactions made on the Automated Touch-Tone Betting System. If you fail to make corrections on your wagers, and accept a bet, you will have no further recourse after the race is over.

• To receive track prices you must maintain a minimum balance of $300 in your account at the time you begin to place your wagers and ALL the wagers you place on the SAME CALL will be “SURCHARGE FREE”.

• Wagering on the system is available 1/2 hour prior to post-time.

Placing The Bet
Call:  1-877- TEL-BETT (1-877- 835-2388)

The Touch-Tone Wagering System will prompt you through the process.
Please enter the following information:
• Account Number, followed by #
• PIN Number, followed by #

Your available balance will be read to you.

To Place a Wager Enter the:
• TRACK NUMBER, followed by #
• RACE NUMBER, followed by #
• AMOUNT, followed by #
• WAGER TYPE, followed by #
• RUNNER NUMBER, followed by # 

You must listen carefully as your wager is read back to you. 

If you want to:
• Buy the wager as read back to you, press 1.
• Hear your wager repeated, press 2.
• Re-enter (cancel) the wager, press 3

The system will confirm whether your wager has been accepted. Listen to be sure that your wager is confirmed before you hang up.  

Once you have pressed 1 to buy the wager, it can only be canceled by calling: 1-800-TEL-BETS

If you want to:
• Continue wagering on the same track and race, press 1.
• Wager on a different track, press 2

Helpful Hints
After Touch-Tone Wagering asks you for a response code for a Track, Race, Pool, or Runner, you can hear a list of available selections by:
• Pressing *(star)   # (pound), or
• Pause before entering a response and a list of selections will automatically be read to you.

Each Track, Race, Pool, and Runner will be represented by a number (code).
Always terminate each entry with #
To hear a menu again, press 8
To return to the previous menu, press #
To return to the main menu, press 9
To select ALL runners, press 99
To separate legs in a Key (with), press **
To play more than 1 horse (and), press *

Wagering Examples

Belmont  Race 2, $10  Win on  8 and 11, enter:

2# 2# 10# 1# 8 * 11 #
Track Race Amount Pool Runners
Calder  Race 9,  $2  Triple Key  2/45/45, enter:
5# 9# 2# 21# 2**4*5**4*5 #
Track Race Amount Pool Runners
Delaware Race 1, $20 Exacta Box 2, 3, 11, enter:
18# 1# 20# 8# 2*3*11 #
Track Race Amount Pool Runners
Belmont Race 9,  $5   Exacta  3 & 4  with 6, enter:
2# 9# 5# 7# 3*4**6 #
Track Race Amount Pool Runners

Pool Codes
Win 1 Trifecta 21
Place 2 Trifecta Box 22
Show 3 Superfecta 31
Win/Place/Show 4 Superfecta Box 32
Win/Place 5 Pick 3 43
Daily Double 6 Pick 4 44
Exacta 7 Pick 5 65
Exacta Box 8 Pick 6 46
Win/Show 9 Pick 7 47
Place/Show 10 Pick 8 48
Quinella 11 Pick 9 49
Quinella Box 12 Pick 10 50
Double Quinella 13

* separates runners (and)
**  separates legs (with)

To keep wagering on the same track, same race:
Press 1 after hearing your new balance.

To hear an automated listing of the track codes,pool codes, races and runners available: 
Press  * Star  # Pound key.  

Track Codes
Albuquerque 92 Keeneland                         10
Aqueduct 1 Kentucky Downs 60
Arlington 29 Laurel                                20
Australia “A” 45 Lone Star 28
Australia “B” 69 Los Alamitos 95
Bay Meadows 15 Louisiana Downs 21
Belmont 2 Meadowlands flats 46
Beulah Park 94 Monmouth Park 22
Beul/Thist 7/7 83 Mountaineer 43
Calder 5 Oaklawn Park 23
California Fair 51 Penn National 38
Canterbury Downs 52 Philidelphia Park 17
Charles Town 47 Pimlico 24
Churchill Downs 8 Portland Meadows 40
Colonial Downs 31 Prairie Meadows 30
Del Mar 14 Presque Isle 49
Delaware Park 18 Remington Park 37
Delta Downs 56 River Downs 36
Dubai 88 Sam Houston 27
Ellis Park 9 Santa Anita 13
Emerald Downs 32 Saratoga 3
Evangeline 54 South Africa 55
Fairgrounds 19 Suffolk Downs 41
Fairplex Park 33 Sunland Park 93
Finger Lakes 4 Tampa Bay Downs 25
Golden Gate 16 Thistle Downs 42
Great Lakes Downs 53 Turf Paradise 26
Gulfsteam Park 6 Turfway Park 11
Hawthorne 34 Yavapai 35
Hollywood Park 12 Woodbine flats 44
Hoosier Park 76 Zia Park 48

Balmoral 66 Northville 85
Batavia 67 Ocean Downs 58
Buffalo Raceway 65 Plainridge 96
Cal Expo 59 Pocono Downs 80
Delaware (Ohio) Fair 90 Pompano Park 64
Dover Downs 68 Portland Meadows 40
Freehold Raceway 78 Red Mile 91
Harrington 71 Rockingham 39
Hazel Park 75 Rosecroft 81
Hawthorne 34 Saratoga Harness 73
Hoosier Park 76 Scioto 84
Maywood 72 Vernon Downs 74
Meadowlands Harness 63 Western Fair 92
Meadows 77 Windsor Rcwy 50
Mohawk Raceway 79 Woodbine Harness 82
Monticello 62 Yonkers 61
Northfield Park 70